Best Food Photography by name, best food photography by nature.

Best Food Photography is a magazine-style blog about food styling and photography, offering a mix of industry news, criticism, how-to guides, best-of lists and thought-provoking editorials. As our writers are highly experienced (some might say jaded) food photography professionals themselves, the articles are always well-informed. But often also irreverent, tongue-in-cheek or outspoken.

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Who is Behind Best Food Photography?

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I’m Jonny Otis, a NorCal foodie, designer, hill-runner, photography-nerd and all-round renaissance man.  With the help of a talented international team of food photography writers, researchers and practitioners, I run the Best Food Photography blog in my spare time from my treetop-lair in the East Bay.

Why Read Best Food Photography?

Serving as a resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike, showcases work by the world’s leading food photographers and food stylists – approaching the subject from an informed and critical point of view.

We also regularly publish industry news and in-depth features on the creative and technical aspects of photographing and styling food.

Be aware that the site currently has no commercial scope beyond covering running costs (by means of occasional affiliate links to relevant products on Adorama). This means that we answer to no one. Indeed, we are not afraid of causing offense in the name of honest criticism and an entertaining read. Consequently some articles may contain profanity and/or genuine opinions (gasp!).

Write for Us!

We’re always on the look out for writers with genuine food or photography industry experience to provide us with entertaining and informative articles on related topics. If you believe that you have genuine food photography insights to share, that could be of interest to readers of our blog, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please note however, that in order to maintain high standards of content, we will only consider writers with a demonstrable background in professional food photography, food styling, or other obviously relevant sectors.