Food Photography Editing Tips

Enhance your culinary images in Photoshop using 3 simple food photography editing tips

It doesn’t matter whether you are shooting food from a trendy new restaurant or a chicken roasted by your significant other – your food photos should always be…

A food stylist demonstrates one of her food styling tricks using a brush

Food Styling Tricks: Working with Brushes

In the first of a series of posts on specific food styling tricks and techniques, we look at brushes. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that…

Prints for a food photography Portfolio

How to Put Together a Portfolio for a Food Photography Course

A food photography course can be a great way to get a head-start in the industry. First off though, you’ll need to secure yourself a place on one….

One of the best food photography blogs

The Best Food Photography Blogs for Learning Food Photography

Some of the best food photography blogs offer not only inspiration but also provide solid practical tips and advice. In fact, for those wanting to master the basic…

Brushes and toothpicks used by a professional food stylist

How to Become a Professional Food Stylist: an Essential Food Styling Equipment List

Looking to become a professional food stylist? Wondering what equipment you’ll need? Check out our essential food styling equipment list and you’ll never look on a food photo…

A man with a long zoom lens

On Penis Envy

We’ve done a lot of posts recently on food photography equipment. Mostly that’s what people seem to want to read about. Which is totally understandable: to those just…

Probably not the best camera for food photography seen on a table

Choosing The Best Camera for Food Photography

Is there a best camera for food photography? We’re going to come right out and say it: no. The reality is that food photography can be done with…

An example of the creation of narrative in creative food photography

Creative Food Photography Inspiration: Peden + Munk

NY-based photographer/director duo Taylor Peden and Jen Munkvold – otherwise known as Peden + Munk – shoot a visually appealing blend of food and lifestyle photography that sets…

A resturant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, a dream destination for food photography

Win a Trip to Food Photography Heaven with Japan Tourism

Even for those working in the food photography industry – where free lunches are par for the course – the prospect of an all-expenses-paid foodie-trip to Tokyo is…

A white backdrop in a photography studio

How to become a Professional Food Photographer: an Essential Food Photography Equipment List

Food photography equipment is often a little more specialized than the general-purpose gear found in your average photo studio. Sure, there’s plenty of overlap with other styles of…

A selective focus photograph of carrots illustrating the best lens for food photography

Choosing the Best Lens for Food Photography

The best lens for food photography? The best camera for travel? The best selfie-stick for being beaten over the head with? Small children have favorite colors. Favorite numbers….

A sign saying "Donkeys"

Do You Need to Take a Food Photography Course to Become a Food Photographer?

Food photography courses are a relatively recent phenomenon. Actually, given that prior to the 1960s photography was not taught at university level at all, octogenarians (that’s everybody older…

A beginenr food photographer might not think to shoot from this angle

Just Starting Out as a Food Photographer? These Pro Tips will Set You on the Right Track

For a food photographer, the #1 priority is to make the dish look its absolute best: popping out of the frame and just begging to be eaten. To…

Food art photography book, Feast for the Eyes, Susan Bright

Feast for the Eyes by Susan Bright: food, art photography and politics

Food art photography: until very recently this was not a term many people would have given much consideration to. Food was food, art was art. And photography was…

Photo of kimchi by photographer Davide Luciano

5 Food Photography Lighting Ideas to add a Contemporary Edge to Your Food Shots

Food photography lighting is of course “just” like any other kind of photographic lighting; all about the masterful control of highlights and shadows; angle and direction; quality and…